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Level 6 Stylist


Why did you become a service provider?

I live for making people happy, and by allowing me to interact with my guests on such a personal level, my career has been nothing short of a blessing. I love making guests feel great about themselves.

What gets you up in the morning?

I love starting my day playing Wordle while have morning coffee time with my husband! Family time is most important to me, and gets me going in such a positive direction. I wouldn't start my day any other way.

What do you love most about your guests?

The way they make me feel after I’ve corrected all their hair concerns. They make me feel as great about myself as they do about themselves! When guests are always happy to see me—that's such a special feeling.

What services do you love to perform?

I love creating custom hairstyles that match each guest. I live to cut, and love to highlight! Especially a great dimensional look.

Not to mention a clean barber cut, or a perm. Yes, perms! They keep coming back.