Level 2 Stylist

Why did you become a stylist?

I became a service provider to heal my inner teen. I have always loved experimenting with my own appearance and it’s very special to me that I can help my clients achieve the identity they’re looking for through their hair. It’s very important to me that I create a space where anybody can express themselves freely, and I’m happy to help, even if it’s with just a hair style.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love how different each and every guest is. Every person has their own path, their own style, and I love hearing their individual stories.

It’s so rewarding to create unique and wearable looks my guests feel great in.

What are you favorite services to perform?

I’m definitely a more alternative stylist. I love bold colors, edgy cuts - anything that stands out!

I’ve recently fallen in love with more lived-in styles. More “effortless” looks, like a sunkissed balayage. I love balayage because it’s just like painting and I find it to be relaxing.

It’s important to me to always have a beat on the pulse of the latest trends and love creating those fun, bold fashion-forward color looks.